Wi-Fi Smartphone Camera Lawmate
Wi-Fi Smartphone Camera Lawmate

Wi-Fi Smartphone Camera Lawmate

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Unlike traditional smartphones, this decoy smart phone hides a hidden camera so that you can record without being spotted. The 1080P color camera, app controlled one touch recording, and built-in recording system make this Smartphone smarter than most.  Wi-Fi based, as well as a stand alone DVR. Record and stream live video from a smart device anywhere!

         Built-in covert camera and DVR re·corder combine for undercover surveillance

    64GB of built-in memory


·         Battery life up to 3 1/2 hours


·         1080P Resolution


·         Instantly Record with one touch


·         App control: Record video, watch live video and play back video


·         Completely covert: turn on the smartphone screensaver disguise two ways - Password lock or Screen Dislay off


·         Multiple recording modes make this more versatile than your real smartphone


·         Optional LED Indicators


·         Optional alerts indicate operation in your pocket


·         Time/Date stamped video files

·         1 Year Warranty