TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector
TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector

TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector

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The TT-46 is the only test set that lets you quickly and easily check both single and two line phone systems for series and parallel taps.
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The TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector is a very advanced telephone tap detector. This device allows you to detect both individual lines in a double line phone system for both parallel and series phone taps. This telephone tap detector is very advance and allows a person to detect some of the most advanced telephone taps, even the ones that utilize split pairs. 

The TT-46 detects series devices with a resistance of 10 ohms or more. (Most series taps have a resistance of over 100 ohms.) It also detects parallel devices with a resistance of 65 megohms or less. (Most parallel taps are under 30 megohms.) It can also detect certain capacitively coupled taps.

Also included in the TT-46 is a line monitor that lets you check the wire pairs for the presence of room audio when the phones are hung up. (The presence of room audio on the phone line when the telephones are not being used is a sure sign of bugging.) A line driver is part of the monitor function. The line driver is used to turn on (activate) any voltage operated microphones, such as FET mics, that may be connected to a pair of wires.