Sionyx Aurora SPORT
Sionyx Aurora SPORT

Sionyx Aurora SPORT

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Aurora Sport: Water-Resistant Day/Night Camera
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The SiOnyx Aurora Sport, the newest addition to the Aurora lineup. Enhance your nighttime awareness on the case with true color night vision. This is the lowest priced night-vision camera that we carry!  Its the basics! 

Be on the surveillance when others aren't; whether you're seated in your car, or on foot, don't miss a moment!  You'll be able to conduct that difficult, low-light surveillance when others can't!

 Included with our patented Ultra Low-Light IR sensor technology that not only captures images under low-light conditions but gives you true night vision capability in monochrome or in color.  Your newest nighttime companion - the Aurora Sport.

A common question is what is the difference between the Sionyx Sport and the Aurora other than pricing: 

The SIONYX AURORA automatically does this for you and can be turned on and off, with the stamp being embedded on the video!  No need for aftermarket video editiong software with the AURORA unit.


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