Sionyx Aurora BLACK
Sionyx Aurora BLACK

Sionyx Aurora BLACK

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Night Vision for the Professional Investigator!
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Feature: The gold standard for color night vision recording!
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A Night-vision camera that provides premium optics and advanced sensor technology for unrivaled night vision performance!   A MUST HAVE FOR THE PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATOR!

Designed specifically for the Pro User. Push the boundaries of what’s visible by recording your surveillance cases at night & day in color!   Durable, water resistant and designed with extreme environments in mind the Aurora Pro enhances your surveillance abilities! 

The SiOnyx Aurora  BLACK is the newest addition to the Aurora lineup. Enhance your nighttime awareness on the case with true color night vision. This is the best quality night-vision camera that we carry!  This is the camera the pro's are using! 

Be on the surveillance when others aren't. Whether you're seated in your car, or on foot, don't miss a moment!  You'll be able to conduct that difficult, low-light surveillance when others can't!

Our patented Ultra Low-Light IR sensor technology that not only captures images under low-light conditions but gives you true night vision capability in monochrome or in color.  Your newest nighttime companion- the Aurora Night Vision Camera!   

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