SC550W 1080P WiFi IP Digital Clock Hidden Camera w/ Night vision

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SC550W 1080P WiFi IP Digital Clock Hidden Camera w/ Night vision
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Feature: NO AUDIO
Feature: Night vision (infrared)

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NOTE: The server used for this particular device has been experiencing connectivity issues over the past few months.   If you are looking for a clock that has night vision and need to access it remotely, through the internet - we strongly suggest you look at the Lawmate clock as an alternative.  If you just need a clock with night vision capability that you can pull the images / video from the card locally, then the SC550W is a good choice.   The Lawmate device link is below:

The SC550W supports up to a 128GB micro SD card (not included) and all surveillance footage is recorded to the card; video clips can also be recorded and stored on your iOS/Android device. Enable loop recording so surveillance is never stopped due to a full memory card; enjoy the safety of 24/7 monitoring! Get up to 3.5hrs operating time with the battery or plug into a wall-outlet to ensure uninterrupted surveillance. Display the time/date on videos to know exactly when each one took place. Access & view footage stored on the SD card through the RecorderGear APP, or remove the card and playback on your computer.

The SC550W uses a 140° lens enabling you to view a large area at one time. You also have the ability to turn off any indicator lights for more covert recording. Receive motion activated screenshot alerts directly to your phone or email (set frequency & sensitivity); feel safe even when you’re far from home. Connect multiple RecorderGear brand cameras to the RecorderGear app to keep all your surveillance in one place and easily accessible.