PCM007 Multimedia Lecture Recording Pen

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Voice Recording Pen 4GB, High Power Microphone. Built-in Speaker. Multimedia Features. LCD Screen. Broadcast Quality.
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High Power Microphone. Built-in Speaker. Multimedia Features. LCD Screen. Broadcast Quality.


All of our pens can be used for recording lectures or meetings. However this pen is designed with a higher powered microphone which will pick-up sounds better from further away.

Why is this the Ultimate Lecture Pen?

Microphone Sensitivity & Audio Quality
With the most powerful microphone out of our pens, this pen is sure to pick-up lectures and meetings more clearly (especially for soft or further away sounds). Also, this pen is capable of recording in broadcast quality! Set the microphone sensitivity on "high" and turn on the low-cut filter for optimum lecture recording.

No Lights While Recording
While recording the LCD screen on the side of the pen turns off giving the pen a discreet and professional appearance.

MAC & PC Compatible + MP3
No cables or software to bother with, it turns into a USB drive and plugs directly into any computer to charge or transfer files from the pen. Files are recorded in MP3 format and can be played in iTunes, Windows Media Player or on an iPod. All you MAC users will love this pen!

Easy One-Touch Recording
Push the button on the pen clip to start recording, then hit the button again to stop recording.

Additional Resources

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Key Features

Our Highest Powered Microphone
Crystal clear quality recording.

Voice Action Mode
Begins recording when voices are heard and stops recording when noise is no longer heard.

Microphone Input + Headphone Jack
Plug in an external microphone. Use this same jack to plug headphones or speakers into.

Built-in Li-Ion Battery
Easily Charge via USB. Built-in battery charges in 2-3 hours and lasts for 7-8 hours of recording.

2GB / 4GB Memory
The 2GB version holds up to 288 hours of audio. The 4GB can hold up to 576 hours of audio. It can also be used as USB flash drive and can store documents and other files.

LED Display
Navigate, view, and change the pen settings using the display.

MP3 Player
Load your favorite songs and play them in MP3 player mode!

Built-in Speaker
Play your recordings without needing a computer.

MAC & Windows Compatible
Simply plug it into your USB port and you re ready to roll.