PB500 1080P Portable Charger Hidden Camera
PB500 1080P Portable Charger Hidden Camera

PB500 1080P Portable Charger Hidden Camera

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PB500 1080P Portable Charger Hidden Camera
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The PB500 is a hidden camera built into a high quality portable power charger (power bank). It has a discreet professional appearance; it also functions as as a real portable charger and can charge cell phones or other electronic devices. It can even record video while charging another device. The large 4200mAh battery can power the hidden camera for up to 20hrs of recording time.

At the touch of a button, record in full HD 1080P or 720P; the indicator light blinks 3 times to indicate recording started, but then turns off while recording. You can record in continuous or motion activation mode; in motion mode it records only when motion is detected. Footage is stored on a micro sd card (not included); it can support up to a 32GB memory card.

With the loop recording option it can automatically record over the oldest video files so your recordings are never stopped due to a full memory card. Also, you can display the date/time on your videos so you know when each one took place. The PB500 power bank hidden camera has all the features you need and is a powerful professional grade hidden camera.