Disaster Prep 101 - by Paul Purcell
Disaster Prep 101 - by Paul Purcell

Disaster Prep 101 - by Paul Purcell

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Disaster Prep 101 is THE disaster preparedness text.
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Disaster Prep 101 is THE disaster preparedness text. This manual (which comes with a 2-DVD library) sets a new standard in family emergency readiness by providing you a step-by-step education and detailed reference guide for protecting your loved ones against pretty much any emergency you may face.

We cover everything from natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, pandemic and more) through terrorism (including biological, chemical, nuclear incidents and more) to general family emergencies. We help you by not only teaching you about the threat, but by placing our main focus on the thousands of simple solutions and inexpensive assets that surround us every day. This book is highly useful for everyone including the average family, first responders, emergency management, government, and those involved in Business Continuity Planning. In fact, we’re widely read and regularly quoted by preppers, emergency managers, and other preparedness trainers across the country and this manual is also the text in numerous Homeland Security courses.

Some of the thousands of things you’ll learn in Disaster Prep 101:
•    How to set your family up for financial stability before, during, and after a crisis.

•    How to communicate with your family, neighbors, and responders when all phone lines are down.

•    The 22 critical points to consider when choosing your rendezvous points.

•    The 26 essential points to consider when choosing an evacuation destination.

•    Crucial and often overlooked family first aid considerations.

•    Hidden tips and tricks to make an extended shelter-in-place actually enjoyable.

•    How household appliances can help you in wildfires, tornadoes, and EMP attacks.

•    The crucial items that will fly off supermarket shelves in times of crisis.

•    Why MREs and freeze-dried camping foods are actually low on the food priority list.

•    Common household chemicals that are used in biochemical decontamination.

•    Household items used in making expedient toilets and why bleach is NEVER on that list.

•    How less than $100 in hardware can greatly increase your home’s resistance to an earthquake.

•    Home security during periods of intense civil unrest.

•    The best ways to organize with friends and neighbors for mutual protection.

•    And thousands of additional options you deserve to know about when planning your family’s safety!

In this complete educational package you'll find:
•    Over 420 pages of original material, organized into easy-to-navigate, bite-sized pieces.
•    Over 80 pages of family data forms and worksheets.

And in the two-DVD set that comes with the manual you’ll find:
•    Two interactive links collections to sources of free additional information.
•    All the family data forms and worksheets in softcopy format.
•    An additional library of over 1,300 additional books and training manuals!