DC200i Full HD Charging Dock Hidden Camera
DC200i Full HD Charging Dock Hidden Camera

DC200i Full HD Charging Dock Hidden Camera

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surveillance camera disguised as an iPhone dock
Part Number: DC-200i
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Feature: NO AUDIO

The DC200i is a powerful hidden surveillance camera disguised as an iPhone dock. The camera records in crystal clear full HD 1080p resolution. Record in either continuous recording mode or optimize your footage by switching to motion activation mode. The DC200i is powered by a wall outlet which allows you to record indefinitely with the loop recording feature. Combine this with up to a 128GB micro SD card(not included) and you will be able to capture all the surveillance footage you need.

With no extra software required the DC200i is a plug and play device that is simple to use and set-up. Insert a micro SD card, plug the device in, and press record! A remote is included so that you can covertly control the DC200i. After turning off the device the files are saved. The files can be accessed either by plugging the device directly into a computer or by removing the micro SD card.

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