Black Swan Mobile Data Extraction Device
Black Swan Mobile Data Extraction Device

Black Swan Mobile Data Extraction Device

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Grow your business and revenue and enhance your portfolio of client services with the revolutionary Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine.  Remotely perform legally admissible complete data extractions from cell phones and mobile devices from anywhere. Remotely perform spyware scans and vulnerability assessments on cell phones from anywhere - anytime!.

The process is safe, quick, and convenient.  The cell phone and mobile device never leave your possession. Lease a remote extraction machine today!  The lease covers equipment, repairs, licenses, upgrades, and updates.

Call Black Swan and mention PIGEAR.COM and  received a 5% discount!   

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THE BLACK SWAN MOBILE DATA EXTRACTION DEVICE will change how you do remote extractions of cell phones, tablets and mobile devices.   This all-in-one forensic device for mobile for extraction and analysis of mobile devices in on-site and on-demand!   Eliminate the associated expense and extended wait times for digital analysis.  Simply connect a suspect device quickly and conveniently to the THE BLACK SWAN MOBILE DATA EXTRACTION DEVICE and our forensics experts will connect and provide you with a complete data extraction report and digital DNA report in minutes!

  • Cellular data extraction and analysis
  • Remote extraction of data - on-site
  • Video forensics and image processing
  • Social media & internet-based data collection
  • Extraction data from "internet of things" (IOT) including Siri, Alexa and any appliance!

We live in a digitally driven world and many of our actions are passively or actively recorded in a car, on a mobile phone, using social media or even via traffic cameras. Our clients include attorneys, investigators, civil litigants, law enforcement, municipalities, corporations, college athletic recruiters, human resource professionals and the general public.

With THE BLACK SWAN MOBILE DATA EXTRACTION DEVICE you can perform on-site cellular forensics like a pro, because you'll be working directly with our staff of professional digital technicians!

SIMPLE AND SAFE: : Connect the phone to the device and the Black Swan remote experts will provide you with a complete forensic extraction report created by a certified expert.  No technical expertise is required. 

SAFE AND SECURE: Devices cannot be lost or damaged in transit and this machine eliminates evidentiary chain of custody issues. The device operates from your location on your safe and secure network. 

LEGALLY ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: Our extractions are legally admissible evidence and our Certified Engineers can testify on request.   Additionally, Black Swan doesn t review the data and can t be subpoenaed on the content so your confidential information stays confidential. 

TIME EFFICIENT: Eliminates shipping time because the extraction is done in your office.

ON DEMAND: Extractions can be performed on your schedule.  24/7/365.  This is our guarantee to you!

COST EFFECTIVE: You save money and increase your bottom line! 

With THE BLACK SWAN MOBILE DATA EXTRACTION DEVICE you will be able to perform these on-site extractions and provide a complete, thorough and professional report to your client in minutes at a reduced cost to you the investigator increasing your bottom line!

NOTE: This device is not eligible for the direct 10% discount from PIGEAR.