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The OSCOR Green is a hand-held spectrum analyzer with a rapid sweep speed and easy to use functionality suited for detecting unknown, illegal, disruptive, and anomalous rogue transmissions across a wide frequency range.

• RF emissions analysis
• Investigating misuse of the crowded RF spectrum
• Site Surveys for communications systems (cell towers, microwave links, etc…)
• Wireless service providers and installers
• Security surveys for eavesdropping detection

World communications systems are rapidly expanding, especially in mobile land and satellite based broadband communication systems. The OSCOR Green provides important tools to evaluate these systems and integrate them into ambient RF environments.

Managing the RF spectrum is critical to many organizations such as hospitals, airports, laboratories, businesses, construction sites, mining operations, shipping ports, and large cities.

With world economies competing for business, high level corporate security requires eavesdropping detection for the protection of trade secrets, new product developments, marketing strategies, company sensitive information, financial information, legal counsel and new business strategies including mergers and acquisitions. Eavesdropping detection is an important aspect of VIP protection. Business executives, movie stars, royalty, sports figures, politicians, and other celebrities rely on VIP security services to protect them from individuals wishing to stalk, spy, harass, or threaten.

OSCOR Green Advantages

• Fast: scans 24GHz in 1 second ensuring spectrum activity is captured (2,000,000 data points per second)
• Does not require additional antennas: built-in auto switching antenna system to 24 GHz means no additional antennas or cables are required
• Touch screen pan, zoom, drag and move
• Portable and lightweight: weighs only 9.6lbs/4.4kg
• 2-3 hour run time on battery
• Quickly identify localized RF energy transmissions
• Easily Map RF Traces: Reference and target traces are quickly captured, stored, and compared (including differences) for rapid analysis
• Quickly Generate Signal lists
• Spectrogram (Waterfall) Display generates spectrogram of receiver traces over time
• Provides bench-top Spectrum Analyzer capabilities in portable design
• Built in demodulators: AM, FM, SSB, Sub-carrier, and video (displayed on screen)
• IF output, 25MHz wide centered at 75MHz
• Update trace snap shots while simultaneously demodulating
• Touch screen interface
• Built-in software (no separate laptop required)
• VNC Remote Access -Connect remotely to the OSCOR Green with 3rd party Virtual Network Computing software - Click here more details

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