HD WI-FI Power Adapter Camera - 1PV-AC500W

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Hidden IP camera and a fully functional USB wall charger.
Part Number: AC-50W
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Not only is the AC50W a hidden IP camera, it is also a fully functional USB wall charger. The AC50W records 1080P HD video at up to 30fps. The camera lens located on the front of the device and is tilted at 15° upward angle for optimized surveillance video footage (assuming most people will be plugging it in near the ground). 

The AC50W emits a Wifi signal which enables you to connect it directly to your iOS/Android device using the FUVISION app. The app allows you to change settings and use it as an IP camera. Use the app to can connect the AC50W to your home/business WiFi network. Once connected, you can view a live feed, start/stop record, change settings, and receive email alerts from anywhere in the world! 

Record video directly to your iOS/Android device, a micro SD card, or have it uploaded to an FTP server. Record continuously or in motion activation mode (adjustable sensitivity). Each time motion is detected you can have a video screenshot sent right to your email. 

Since the AC50W operates off outlet power, it can operate 24/7 which makes it a top choice for continuous surveillance. Protect your home or business today with the AC50W.

Complies With 18 U.S. Code § 2512 Federal Law
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Instruction Manual (PDF)


1080P HD Video / 15° Upward Angle
Records crisp and clear 1080P HD video. The lens is tilted up at a 15° angle to capture video more effectively when plugged into an outlet near the ground. 

WiFi / App Control (iOS/Android)
Connect your iOS/Android device directly to the AC50W through WiFi. Change settings and view a live video feed.

IP Camera Function 
Connect the AC50W to your home/business WiFi network. View and record video on your iOS/Android device from anywhere in the world.

Motion Activation / Continuous Recording
Set the AC50W to record only when motion is detected or record continuously. You can set the sensitivity of the motion activation.

Email Alerts
Receive an email with video screenshot each time motion is detected. 

Loop Recording
Set to automatically record over the oldest video files so your recordings are never stoppeddue to a full memory card.

Time/Date Stamp
Display the date/time on your videos so you know when each one took place.

Expandable Memory
Supports up to a 64GB memory card.

24 / 7 Surveillance 
Since it is powered by a wall outlet you can use it to monitor continuously around the clock.