Dissembler ALPHA

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Covert Pole Mounted Camera
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The Dissembler ALPHA is a weather resistant durable covert camera enclosure with an internal camera. Intended to mount on wooded or metal poles and available in grey or black or printable to match any background. Easily hidden in plain sight, the Dissembler ALPHA can be used in pairs for easy and quick deployment in the field without missing surveillance time. Pull one down, hand the replacement- its that easy!

The Dissembler ALPHA comes with a Camscura Pro Camera with a 64 GB SD Card, included and is easy to deploy and use.

Custom Text can be requested on the front and back of the covert box to match your utility company, business name etc for an additional $36.00 

Private Investigators, increase your profitability by adding the ability to deploy unmanned surveillance plateforms. 

·        Weather Resistant

·        Durable

·        Covert design

·        Use in pairs for easy and quick deployment in the field

·        Designed for the Camscura Pro camera

·        Private Investigators increase your profit by offering unmanned surveillance options.

·        Comes with Dissembler ALPHA Covert Enclosure,  Camscura PRO Camera and 64 GB SD card

·        Records Vivid 1280 x 720 HD Video

·        Five Customization's of Recording Modes

·        Motion Setting, Scheduling